May 5, 2017

Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP, has been highlighting the need for a Great Ocean Road management authority over the past year. The State Budget has allocated funds to establish a taskforce and a project management team to oversee the management of the Great Ocean Road.


“While the intention of the State Government is to solve an obvious problem, it seems their approach very clearly misses the mark,” Mr Riordan said. “The State Government is not seeking to reduce bureaucracy, but is adding in extra bodies which does not simplify the management process.


“The State Government has not identified which agencies are to be combined, reduced or closed down, but is proposing more committees to add to the mix.


“It seems to me they are spending a heap of money on more administration, with no more money for action!


“It will be jobs for the boys with Labor Party cronies and a few Melbourne people sitting on another cushy board which gets to tell everyone else what to do. Meanwhile, the GOR is crying out for some serious investment and uniform management for the entire Otway coastline.


“Our tax dollars are not unlimited, and Daniel Andrews needs to focus on the smart and efficient management of our greatest tourist resource,” Mr Riordan said.