May 5, 2017

Under the latest State Budget, the Government has ordered that local council land valuations should now take place annually instead of the usual every two years.


Richard Riordan MP, Member for Polwarth, has spoken with local council officials from a number of country shires, who have expressed serious concerns at the State Government forcing them to do more regular land valuations.


Mr Riordan said that he understood the State Government was trying to raise land tax collections because of rapidly rising property prices in metropolitan areas, but that this does not make sense for country areas where prices increase much more slowly and evenly.


“Local shires will now have to employ more staff and increase bureaucracy to comply with this State Government money grab,” Mr Riordan said.


“This plan is another financial impost that will be forced onto the rate payers, while property owners will be slugged with more frequent increases in their bills.


“This is nothing more than a cynical tax grab by Daniel Andrews, in forcing land tax and local government rates up more quickly.


“Local Government is expecting compliance costs to far exceed any financial gain they may have,” Mr Riordan said.