Where is the proof?

October 6, 2017

Plenty of money for rope barriers trapping traffic and protecting them from grass on the Princes Hwy West.

Member for Polwarth Richard Riordan MP and thousands of his constituents are sick of waiting for Roads Minister Hon Luke Donnellan to provide proof on why hemming traffic in on country roads with a proliferation of wire rope barriers is going to make our roads safer.

Over recent months hundreds of kilometres of wire rope barriers have sprung up on our country highways like out-of-control blackberry bushes! While pot holes the size of craters still grow on our rural highways, damaging vehicles, causing accidents and slowing productivity, VicRoads continues their wasteful roll out.

Traditionally VicRoads have used wire rope barriers for lane separation, now with a religious fervour, roads that would have once had one barrier now have four, creating a dangerous tunnel effect. The barriers are now being installed regardless of other considerations:

  • No safe pull off spaces
  • Poor weed control
  • Dangerous for fire management
  • Traps wildlife, especially kangaroos
  • Gives no room to move for vehicles at 100km hour

The Princes Hwy West carries large transports, tourist traffic, trailers and agricultural equipment. All road users are trapped with barriers being installed only 30cm from the white line.

The attached picture shows the close proximity of barrier installation on the Princes Hwy West of Winchelsea, while almost non-existent road surface is left to rot on the busy Hamilton Hwy West of Cressy.