November 14, 2017

Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP, has again expressed concerns about our increasing reliance on renewable energy.


The State Government has today announced that Victoria will need expensive diesel generators to keep the lights on and the air conditioners running this hot summer.


At 10:40am 13 November 2017:


  • Wind was producing at 5% of capacity


  • Victoria’s largest windfarm at Macarthur was at -2 MW (consuming more than producing)


  • Backup gas was producing 1055MW to sure up supply


  • Victoria had the highest energy prices in Australia


  • Victoria was a net importer of energy


The State Government’s focus on intermittent renewables is creating a more unreliable energy system that is now having to rely on polluting diesel.


If the Greens were to be believed, billions of dollars would need to be spent to build enough turbines across much of Victoria in order to keep the State supplied by intermittent wind power.