Government disrespects country road users

February 20, 2018

A VAGO report found that Andrews Labor Government’s cuts to regional road funding is making country roads dangerous, but the minister thinks it’s still better than a “kick in the d—k.”

Daniel Andrews’ decision to scrap the much needed Country Roads and Bridges program left councils without their roads maintenance funding.

To add insult to injury they have failed to maintain state-controlled roads as well, resulting in crumbling, pot holed and dangerous roads throughout regional Victoria.

The Victorian Auditor-General has raised serious concerns about the lack of funding for regional roads citing: “Not enough funding is allocated to road maintenance to sustain the road network, but VicRoads also cannot demonstrate clearly that it is making the best use of its existing maintenance funds.”

The report goes on to say that the government’s approach to road maintenance is reactive, with maintenance generally being carried out only when it becomes critical.

But when the Corangamite Shire Mayor tried to raise these very serious concerns with the Minister for Roads, Luke Donnellan, he replied: “Well… it’s better than a kick in the d–k.”

Luke Donnellan who lives in Fitzroy North, 46 kilometres from his electorate of Narre Warren North, is out of touch and treating regional Victorians as second class citizens.

Quotes attributable to Richard Riordan MP, Member for Polwarth

“Hon Luke Donnellan MP said people in Corangamite Shire should be grateful for what roads they had, as they were better than a ‘kick in the d—k’. In a bizarre admission, the Minister said he meant to say a ‘kick in the head’!

“Both the spoken words and the apology are appalling! Country Victorians are sick of the waste everywhere on road spending.

“This government has spent $1.3 billion not to build a road, a billion is now being wasted on excessive wire rope barriers, all the while unsafe roads and intersections are ignored.

“The revelations today come on top of recent comments made by the Roads minister that the wire rope barrier roll-out was only being questioned by banjo-playing conspiracy theorists.

“The safety of our country roads is a very real concern for country road users and our government is ignoring them. What is worse is that metropolitan members of Parliament feel that they can freely insult country areas.

“The Minister should be concentrating on road safety not making disparaging remarks about country Victorians.”