March 29, 2018

The growing number of broken wire rope barriers has raised real road safety concerns. During questions in Parliament this week, the Member for Polwarth asked the Roads Minister:


“Can the minister tell my electorate what the budget is for the repair and maintenance of wire rope barriers and who is responsible for their upkeep? Drivers along the Princes Highway west through my electorate and along parts of the Great Ocean Road regularly report broken and damaged wires, which stay unattended and unrepaired for months on end. One wire on a steep bend has been hanging, stretched across the arc of the road, for months now.


“In light of the many millions being spent on installing new kilometres of wire rope barriers, and the millions that VicRoads are now spending on an advertising campaign to tell motorists how safe and necessary these barriers are, can motorists in my electorate have confidence that, unlike the myriad of potholes, unsafe intersections and other road dangers, this new road infrastructure will be properly maintained?


“Considering that kilometres of barriers have been installed, my constituents would like to know that they can and will be looked after in a timely and appropriate fashion,” Mr Riordan said.


Mr Riordan has raised these matters on behalf of many constituents, who have growing concerns about wire rope barriers, which would be a risk to road safety if they are poorly maintained.