Non-Victorian Licence Holders

August 9, 2018

Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP, again raised in Parliament the issue of non-Victorian licence holders driving on the Great Ocean Road following another chaotic week of accidents and near misses putting locals’ lives in danger. Mr Riordan called on the State Government to implement new technology and smarter thinking to deal with this crisis.


“The action I seek is for the minister to provide details of how he is going to improve the safety of people on the Great Ocean Road touring route, from a growing number of non-Victorian licence holder who are regularly risking theirs and others lives due to a lack in basic understanding of Victorian road conditions.


“In the last week, this is just some of the dangers faced by road users in South West Victoria:


“August 3 — The Warrnambool Standard reported, ‘Police officers were left shaken after narrowly avoiding a head-on collision when a Hong Kong national tried to overtake several cars across double lines on the Great Ocean Road’.


“August 4 — A letter to me from the Timboon School Principal, in part reads, ‘I had a serious near miss this week … a car was driving at high speed on the wrong side of the road heading towards Timboon … with a car full of passengers, he ran me from the road before correcting’.


“August 7 — The Warrnambool Standard again reported ‘First Constable Cook said the Chinese national, aged in his 30s failed to give way to the oncoming police car. He said the police were forced to brake heavily and narrowly avoiding collision with an oncoming car.’


“This Government has made much of its claims to road safety but it refuses to acknowledge a problem VicRoads South Western Regional Director Mark Koliba said accounted for 21% of crashes on the Great Ocean Road.


“We do not need to ban non-Victorian licence holders, but we can do more. Currently VicRoads only recognises the driving licences from 27 jurisdictions. All other licence holders should they wish to get a Victorian Licence must be retested. With growing hire drive tourism being encouraged and supported, this is huge road safety issue.


The Government must insist on hire car companies using technology such as virtual reality to test for basic skills and understandings of Victorian road rules and conditions. Better and more specialised GPS and auto driving products must be supplied to people taking on the Great Ocean Road 10 hour round trip. We cannot turn such a great industry like tourism into one that supports unnecessary dangers,” Mr Riordan said.