The BOM bombs

October 26, 2018

Polwarth MP Richard Riordan is again calling on the Bureau of Meteorology to provide the Colac district south of the Princes highway with a more accurate weather recording station. Midway through October 2018, rainfall data from the BOM has shown a difference greater than 60mm in comparison to rainfall measured by many local rain gauges.


“These discrepancies in actual rainfall can have a serious detrimental effect on those agricultural industries that rely on accurate BOM rainfall data to operate. New irrigation technology used by farms, sporting venues and local gardeners all expect reasonably accurate data. As of October 23, 2018  the BOM had recorded only 8mm of rain at the Mr Gellibrand weather station at the same time that unofficial reports have recorded in excess of 70mm. This situation is untenable and we cannot continue to rely on data that does not reflect what is actually happening here.”


“The figures recorded at Mt Gellibrand are possibly due to a fault in the equipment or are totally unrelated to our region due to geographical differences. Either way we can  no longer rely on this information. The official BOM rainfall figures are unacceptable and this large discrepancy in the data reported should not be tolerated. Our community deserves a better and more reliable service.” Mr Riordan stated.