Monthly Archive: November 2018

Vision for Polwarth

Polwarth to benefit from $30 million connectivity boost for country Victoria

November 8, 2018

Rural and regional Victorians will have better mobile connectivity under an elected Liberal Nationals Government, Richard Riordan MP has announced. An elected Liberal Nationals Government will invest $30 million over four years in telecommunications infrastructure that improves mobile coverage and competition across Victoria. Richard Riordan said limited to no coverage in places in the Colac...

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Liberals to make rates fair for farmers in Polwarth’s shires

November 2, 2018

An elected Liberal Government will act to make rates fair for farmers across Victoria. Victorian farmers are calling for answers and action after some shires imposed dramatic rate increases this year while others passed modest or even reduced farm rates. Richard Riordan MP said significant farm rates had put an unfair burden on farmers in...

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