Tourist driver safety

February 1, 2019

Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP, has repeated calls for improving international driver safety on our roads after another incident with a tourist driver at one of Polwarth’s black spot intersections over the long weekend.


“There are a growing number of road safety incidents involving non-Victorian licence holders on our roads,” Mr Riordan said. “At least 21% of all crashes in the Great Ocean Road region are caused by non-Victoria licence holders.


“The visitor economy is growing and that means even more international drivers. The State Government needs to ensure that those who are unfamiliar to Australian driving conditions are not a danger to themselves or other road users.


“The amount of incidents involving non-Victorian licence holders failing to stop at intersections and driving dangerously must be addressed. The scene of this weekend’s accident had been significantly upgraded since last year’s tragic accidents, and still a terrible situation has occurred.


“Solutions include the State Government imposing stricter standards through car hire companies, verifying international tourists’ driving experience and compulsory virtual reality training.


“Fixing the current loopholes around international drivers being able to get behind the wheel without any question will make our roads safer. We also want tourist experiences to be enjoyable and incident free,” Mr Riordan said.