No need for desal water

March 12, 2019

Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP has today sought assurances that water users in the Otways and Geelong region will not be slugged to help pay for the State Government’s most recent desal water orders.

“Every year March is when our local water storages are at their lowest water storage point before the autumn break and winter and spring flows kick in,” Mr Riordan said.

“The Water Minister, Lisa Neville, has been talking doom and gloom about our water storage levels in Colac and Geelong, but the Barwon Water data shows that our water levels are pretty average at the moment as compared to recent years. In fact Colac and Lorne storages are sitting at the 4th highest level in ten years. I have great fears that this is all about conditioning our communities to pick up the bill for mismanagement in Melbourne.

“The Minister claims that our water storages have dropped to levels not seen since the Millennium Drought, however this scare campaign simply does not add up, the facts just don’t back her claims. Nothing will upset locals more than to have coal-fired water flow over the spill way come the end of winter. It will be a big hit to the hip pocket of mum and dad water users.

“The Andrews Government is stuck with a white elephant multi-million dollar desal plant, and this Water Minister is hell bent on justifying the hundreds of millions of dollars a year tax payers must pay to have it sit there.

“The Otways catchment can be very productive, let’s let the winter rains unfold before we start spending millions of dollars on expensive environmentally unfriendly water, that could just be let out to sea if our dams overfill,” Mr Riordan said.