Wind farm power lines regulation required

March 6, 2019

Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP has been very concerned about the lack of planning around wind farms and related transmission line infrastructure. The State Minister for Planning has at last admitted that the “development of power lines was occurring in an unregulated manner”.

“Today, the Andrews Government has at last recognised the problem with planning around renewable energy and its infrastructure,” Mr Riordan said. “It has been a huge concern to many residents in the electorate of Polwarth that the State Government has been rubber-stamping massive transmission lines without proper planning controls or transparent community consultation.

“It is already too late for all the existing projects and the many hundreds of wind turbines which are to be built across Polwarth that have not benefited from a proper planning permit process. It staggers belief that transmission lines were being placed across Polwarth with essentially no planning controls.

“Communities have been hugely disappointed with the poor planning around wind farms and related infrastructure, and there has been a lot of anxiety in rural communities as they were ignored by this State Government.

“I have run well attended community meetings where people expressed strong concerns about the lack of planning around wind farms and unregulated new electricity transmission lines. I will continue to advocate for sensible planning and responsible community consultation,” Mr Riordan said.