AWAY FROM ZERO – Rural road deaths skyrocket

April 8, 2019

Minister Pulford needs to explain how a 77% increase year to date in rural road fatalities has occurred this year under her watch. VicRoads and the TAC continue to spend millions advertising the benefits of wire rope barriers as a cure all for rural road safety, while dangerous intersections, terrible road surfaces and poor line marking dominate rural roads. In addition to the basics of road safety being ignored, VicRoads continue to ignore loop holes in driving law that allows people on short and long term visas to keep driving on our roads.


“Over $450 million dollars has been spent on rolling out excessive kilometres of wire rope barriers, and millions more spent on advertising their virtues, while at the same time the death toll is going through the roof,” Richard Riordan, Member for Polwarth said.


“After more than five years of rolling out wire rope barriers, VicRoads still cannot tell taxpayers how much crucial road maintenance funding is being diverted from traditional road maintenance in order to repair broken barriers, which become dangerous once compromised. Over 3500 hits with barriers have been reported, and yet no costings are available on the maintenance, and what the projected ongoing maintenance will be.


“VicRoads can’t have it both ways. A 77% increase in road toll shows either VicRoads isn’t placing the wire rope barriers in the right places, or its $450m investment is a colossal waste of money that could be better spent on traditional road surface and condition improvements, dangerous intersections and international driver education,” Mr Riordan said.