Budget support for Polwarth missing

May 28, 2019

Economic growth outside of Melbourne is clearly not a priority for Daniel Andrews.

Billions blown in the City… No money for years in Rural Victoria


Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas are behaving like kids with their parents’ credit cards. Billions of dollars are being borrowed into the foreseeable future, to bank roll project blow outs all over Melbourne.


There is no end to the largesse in Melbourne while road, rail and vital improvements to the Great Ocean Road are all being pushed out into the forward estimates. No timing on new trains, no money to fix coastal erosion, no funding for basic asbestos removal and window replacement in our schools. No funding for proper accident and emergency funding in our country hospitals.


Most Victorians know the difference between wants and needs. The wants in life always must come second to the basics and the needs. There will be no money left for anyone as project after project blows the budget in a wild spending spree. In a snub to urgent maintenance of roads, schools and hospitals, the Premier is installing a three million dollar BBQ garden on his office roof top in Spring St. This level of hubris, has never been seen before in Australia.


In a sign this government plans to do nothing to stem the out of control country road toll, Daniel Andrews plans to raid the TAC to the tune of $2.7 billion. This money will be used to help cover the blow outs on Melbourne projects, while road surfaces, breath testing and other lifesaving actions on our country roads will be abandoned and cut back.


In four short years Daniel Andrews has racked up a 54 billion dollar debt, that will be a noose around Victorians for generations to come, while seriously limiting the much needed investment in basic needs that country Victorians have.