Wire Rope Barriers take vital funding from road repairs

June 13, 2019

Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP, had his worst concerns confirmed that the ongoing maintenance of wire rope barriers in the region is taking money that has been budgeted for vital road maintenance which is used for repairing potholes, dealing with out of control roadside vegetation and fixing dangerous road edges.

There are over three and a half thousand vehicle impacts on barriers per year, and with the ever expanding installation of wire rope barriers, the resulting damage and need for constant repairs is a taking funding away from the growing need for maintenance of south west Victorian roads.

Under questioning at Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) hearings, VicRoads Chief Executive Officer Robyn Seymour revealed that repairs to wire rope barriers that have sustained damaged are being funded from VicRoads Routine Maintenance fund as well as the TAC.

“This is simply not good enough for Polwarth,” Mr Riordan said. “Many of our roads in Polwarth are in need of urgent repairs and upgrades while dangerous intersections are routinely overlooked and money is poured into this ongoing obsession with wire rope barriers.”