Calls for technology access for farms

July 17, 2019

State Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP says that local farmers will be disappointed that they cannot access the State Government’s Internet of Things program to help make farm technology smart.


“It is disappointing that one of Australia’s key dairy areas — which also has prime lamb and grain production — has been locked out of the Internet of Things program,” Mr Riordan said. “The program gives farmers access to fully upgrade their farms with integrated technology for such things as soil, weather and stock monitoring.


“Millions of dollars are being spent by the State Government, yet not one cent is available for the entire Polwarth electorate,” Mr Riordan said. “There are local farmers who are willing to integrate new technology to improve farming practices, but the State Government is not allowing them to even apply for grants.”


Mr Riordan joined local farm technology supplier Cory Beckett from StevCom to discuss the economic opportunities that would follow if the Internet of Things was available to Polwarth district farms.


“Not only do we have farms and processors in our region, but we also have companies like StevCom who can supply local technology solutions,” Mr Riordan said.


“I have written to the Agriculture Minister asking that farms in Polwarth electorate be allowed to apply for this technology,” he said.