Riordan welcomes wire rope barrier audit

July 12, 2019

State Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP has welcomed the announcement of the audit by the Auditor General into wire rope barriers. After two years of questioning the value for money with the State Government’s massive wire rope barrier rollout, Mr Riordan today said that the review was long overdue.


The Auditor General’s overview states that, “Some stakeholders are concerned that the barriers may not be as effective as the Victorian Government claims, and that they may exacerbate injury for motorcyclists.”


“The State Government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on wire rope barriers,” Mr Riordan said. “However, there are grave concerns about the lack of cost benefit analysis.


“Under intense questioning at the Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates (PAEC) hearings, the State Government admitted that funds and resources that would normally be spent on fixing potholes and crumbling road edges is being spent on fixing wire rope barriers.


“After spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the wire rope barrier rollout over recent years, we have still seen a massive rise in the road toll in 2019. I think there are some tough issues and questions that the Auditor General will have to grapple with in this report. Questions about road safety priorities and the best value spend on road safety will need to be answered.


“Following robust questions on the wire rope barrier rollout, Minister Pulford revealed this week data showing 1300 collisions with barriers from January 2019 to June 2019, and yet VicRoads have no data on replacement and maintenance costs to taxpayers.


“This road safety measure is without governance. No objective analysis of value to taxpayers and road users is possible at the moment, and hopefully this audit will put some clarity around the true cost of this technology of this road safety measure,” Mr Riordan said.