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Colac-Otway adds 1 coronavirus case on state’s deadliest day.

Greater Geelong has recorded 13 new cases of coronavirus, as Victoria reported its deadliest day of the pandemic.

There were 164 active cases reported in Greater Geelong on Sunday.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) had linked two new coronavirus cases to the outbreak at Golden Farms chicken processing plant in Breakwater.

It brings the cluster to 40 confirmed cases as the facility prepares to reopen on Monday.

One new case was reported for Colac Otway, but with an adjustment to its active tally, which now sits at 89 active cases, down by three from Saturday.

The DHHS had linked 83 cases to the outbreak at the Australian Lamb Company in Colac.

No increases were reported across the Surf Coast or Golden Plains shires, sitting at six and 13 active cases respectively.

No new cases were reported for the Borough of Queenscliffe.

There were 394 new cases reported statewide and 17 deaths overnight – the highest number of people to die in a single day since the pandemic began.

G21 region COVID-19 data by postcode, as of August 6

3211: 15 cases, 11 active 3212: 8 cases, 7 active 3213: 2 cases, 1 active 3214: 24 cases, 20 active 3215: 21 cases, 15 active 3216: 68 cases, 36 active 3217: 13 cases, 11 active 3218: 9 cases, 5 active 3219: 15 cases, 8 active 3220: 15 cases, 5 active 3221: 5 cases, 3 active 3222: 3 cases, zero active 3223: 5 cases, 3 active 3224: 8 cases, 4 active 3225: 2 cases, 1 active 3226: 12 cases, 3 active 3227: No cases 3228: 5 cases, 3 active 3230: 3 cases, 0 active 3231: 3 cases, 0 active 3232: 2 cases, 2 active 3233: 1 case, 1 active 3235: No cases 3236: No cases 3237: No cases 3238: No cases 3239: No cases 3240: 2 cases, 1 active 3241: No cases 3242: No cases 3243: No cases 3249: 11 cases, 11 active 3250: 88 cases, 75 active 3251: 2 cases, 1 active 3254: 2 cases, 2 active 3321: 4 cases, 0 active 3328: 2 cases, 2 active 3329: No cases 3330: No cases 3331: 2 cases, 2 active 3332: 5 cases, 5 active 3333: No cases

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