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Colac Specialist School Deserves More!

Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional Victoria

Shadow Assistant Minister for Agriculture

13 January 2020

Colac Specialist School Deserves More!

Member for Polwarth, Richard Riordan MP, is calling on the Minister for Education, James Merlino, to visit Colac as soon as possible to see first hand the importance of the Colac Specialist School being allocated a purpose-built campus with easy access to the resources of Colac Secondary College and Bluewater. This would provide a state of the art and modern facility that would allow the students to be included in TAFE and VCE studies with their peers as well as be an inclusive model of education that will set the standard for all future planning for specialist schools.

It is entirely unsatisfactory and unfair that some of our most vulnerable young people are prevented from reaching their full potential because of lack of connectivity to the facilities of Bluewater, Colac Library, Colac Secondary College and the Trade Training Centre. With the predicted growth of Colac, the need for a respectful and adequate all ability campus is growing every year while the current facilities are struggling to cope with the demand.

Colac Specialist School staff do an excellent job with their current model of portable classrooms and I have been advocating for years for this vital school to be given the recognition, facilities and support that it deserves but the Minister says this is not a priority.

The young people of this region deserve a better response.

Comments Attributable to Richard Riordan MP Member for Polwarth

“I will be writing to the Minister for Education James Merlino urging him to visit Colac as soon as possible to see for himself the immediate and future needs of the Colac Specialist School and asking him to assure the community that he will provide adequate and respectful educational facilities for all the young people in Polwarth.”

“It is not good enough to provide bandaid solutions when the situation could be much more efficiently remedied with a relocation and rebuild on the Colac Cemetery vacant land on Pound Road, adjoining Colac Secondary College and creating an educational precinct of the highest quality.”

“Following on from my initiative started over three years ago to move the Geelong Cemetery Trust expansion to the old Colanda site, I will now be calling on the Colac Otway Shire and Department of Health to progress with this plan as a matter of high urgency to free up land for the Colac Specialist School.”


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