Riordan Calls For Covid Common Sense.

Updated: Apr 24

Covid 19 Update

The ongoing changes, to business as usual caused by the Covid 19 pandemic will have a long-lasting effect on towns and communities right a-cross Polwarth for years to come. Firstly, I wish to thank. all those front fine emergency and community workers who have stepped up to their emergency plans and protocols. Whether it has been keeping our medical services safe and operating or ensuring our elderly and vulnerable have been able to access food and essentials.

The Polwarth Electorate has remained one of the safest places in the world.

There have been many welt-known and much-loved business events and traditions that have been severely impacted since mid-March. I know from my own household there are many people across our region who are very anxious to see the return of regular winter sports and competitions.

I am also very aware, and I bring to this Parliaments attention the very heavy hit our tourism and hospitality businesses and workers have had at this time.

I know too that the rebound to normal will be long and difficult. I can assure all in my region who rely on the visitor economy, I will do all I can to support you over the coming months and even years.

Unlike many other electorates Polwarth has been gifted with one of the richest and most prosperous agricultural regions. April has seen a fantastic and on time autumn break and we will all look towards this diverse and world beating sector to once again help keep our local economy and jobs turning over.

In conclusion education is the key to our future. I urge the Government to take the Prime Minister and Australian Chief Medical Officer’s advice that the risk to children and schools is low and manageable.

We know country students are often at an educational disadvantage at the best of times, but slow internet, slow mail and fewer resources win, if prolonged longer than necessary only lead to greater disadvantage for students in Polwarth.

I call on the Government to work with school communities to get school communities to get schools back as soon as possible.


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